What kind of communication do students use?

Our school is centered around communication and language acquisition. Students with all communication methods, abilities, and devices are welcome at Arkansas School for the Deaf! Our students vary in their hearing levels. Cochlear implants and brightly colored hearing aids are everywhere on campus. Some students choose not to use any amplification device.

Visitors are sometimes surprised to learn that ASD is not a quiet place! We have a team of Speech Language Pathologists who strategize with students to maintain and improve their speech and communication skills.

American Sign Language is used on campus and all employees are required to maintain specified levels of proficiency in ASL.  This means our students can speak and sign to everyone on campus, from their friends to their teachers to our cafeteria staff!

Each student's communication needs are individually addressed through a team meeting between academic staff, speech language pathologists, ASD's Audiologist, and the student's family. We meet every year to assess the student's progress and to set new goals as the student grows and learns.