How is transportation provided to students who live outside of Central Arkansas?

Every Friday afternoon, students board charter buses provided by Arrow Coach Lines.  These buses are outfitted with entertainment systems and restroom facilities, and staffed by houseparents and supervisors.  Buses deliver students to their hometowns each weekend.  On Sunday afternoons, buses return students back to ASD for another great week of learning.


Is there any charge for transportation?

No!  Transportation, along with other services at ASD, is free of charge for our students.


Does my child have to live on campus?

No!  Many of our students from the Central Arkansas area ride district-provided buses to and from school every day. All of our academic and extacurriculur programs are available to all students, regardless of whether or not they choose to live in the dorms during the week.


For specific questions about ASD's Transportation services, please contact Mr. Pat Prock, ASD's Transportation Director.