We love our families at ASD!

How do I Apply for Admission at ASD?

If you are a Parent:

  1. Contact your local school district and tell them of your interest in ASD.
  2. Contact ASD Admissions: 501-324-9510 or email Rick Porter, ASD's Director of Student Services.
  3. Tour the ASD campus with your family, your school district staff, and ASD Staff.
  4. Work with your local school district to schedule an IEP meeting.  During this meeting, placement at ASD can be determined.

The following individuals should plan to attend the meeting:

  • Parents or Guardians, and Students
  • ASD Staff
  • Local School District Personnel
  • Others as needed

5.  Fill out ASD Registration Packet.


If you are with a Local School District:

  1. Contact Rick Porter, ASD's LEA Supervisor, by phone at 501-324-9533 or by email.
  2. Tour ASD campus with student's family .
  3. Provide ASD the following records:
  • Current IEP
  • Current audiogram
  • Current 3-year evaluation
  • Transcripts (for High School students)

  4.  Host IEP meeting.  The following individuals should attend:

  • Parents or Guardians, and Student
  • Local School staff
  • ASD staff
  • Others as needed