How involved can our family be with our child during the week?

Families play an important role in each student's development, and we encourage family involvement.  Families are welcome to call or visit the campus any time. We have videophones across campus that students can use to talk to their friends and family at home.  Many of our students have their own cell phones, and we encourage parents and students to text each other often to stay in touch.  Some older students email their parents daily just to check in and to update Mom or Dad on the latest events.

Families are encouraged to attend meetings, special programs, athletic events and other activities in which their child is involved.  Parents are welcome to stop by, eat dinner in the dining room with your child, and maybe even attend a Leopard Basketball game afterwards.

The staff at ASD strives to be a wonderful supplement to a student's family, but not a substitute. We always welcome input and support from our students' families.