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Who can attend Arkansas School for the Deaf (ASD)?

In order to be eligible to attend ASD, a student must have a documented hearing loss, and be between the ages of 0 to 21 years.

Do parents pay tuition for a child to attend ASD?

Arkansas School for the Deaf serves students at no cost to their families.

Can we visit the school and take a tour?

YES! We would love for you to come to tour our campus. Each tour is catered to your needs and interests. You will have the opportunity to meet teachers, students, and faculty. Please call the ASD Admissions Office at 501-324-9533 or email  Becky Bell, Director of Student Services.

See below for the steps of the admissions process.

I have a young child who is deaf or hard-of-hearing. I would like to receive services in our home or in my child’s daycare/preschool.

Contact Karen Lange, Director of Statewide Services to discuss the options and to arrange services.

I am interested in enrolling a child at Arkansas School for the Deaf’s main campus. How do I apply for admission?

If you are a Parent of a child (ages 2 to 5):

Please contact Becky Bell, ASD's Director of Student Services. He will guide you through the application process.

If you are a parent of a child (ages 5 to 21):

  1. Contact your local school district and tell them of your interest in ASD.
  2. Contact ASD Admissions: 501-324-9533 or email  Becky Bell.
  3. Tour the ASD campus with your family. Your school district staff may like to join you.
  4. Schedule a Shadow Day for your child to get a glimpse of a typical school day at ASD (to attend classes, explore our campus, and eat lunch with a special student host). During their visit, they may also take specific assessments to help teachers prepare for their enrollment and class placement.
  5. Work with your local school district to schedule an IEP meeting. During this meeting, placement at ASD can be determined. The following individuals should plan to attend the IEP meeting:
    • Parents or Guardians, and Students
    • ASD Staff
    • Local School District Personnel
    • Others as needed
  6. Fill out the ASD Registration Packet.

If you are with a Local School District:

  1. Contact Becky Bell, ASD's Director of Student Services, by phone at 501-324-9533 or by email:
  2. Tour ASD Campus with student's family
  3. Provide ASD the following records:
    • Current IEP
    • Current audiogram
    • Current 3-year evaluation
    • Transcripts (for High School students)
  4. Host IEP meeting. The following individuals should attend:
    • Parents or Guardians, and Student
    • Local School Staff
    • ASD Staff
    • Others as needed

I have a child who is deaf or hard-of-hearing attending a public or private school. I would like to discuss support options.

Contact Karen Lange, Director of Statewide Services to discuss the options and to arrange services.